From the Land of Nod to the Elysian Fields

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I had rather follow St. I would not add to that Exposition, as St. And it may be also that St. I formerly very much troubled my self, to discover what was that Syrias, and to find the two Columns there. And from thence one might inferr that Adam and his Posterity had dwelt in Judaea, as many Fathers of the Church believed, which would not agree with our System.

They also after the Egyptians example ingraved their Science upon Stones, that the Memory and Profit of it might be communicated to Posterity; and those Inscriptions both of the Cananaeans and Egyptians gave occasion to many Fables. For if it be so, we shall find that going from the place where Ptolomy sets the City of Aracca, which is near upon the place, where I think Paradise was situated, it must have advanced as far as the Gordiaean Mounts, within a hundred and fifty days, which is the time the Deluge lasted.

A treatise of the situation of Paradise written by P. More gray!!!

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He is wearing the old yellow color. The school just switched entirely to Adidas, so the Bears no longer wear a silly Nike template. Richard Drummand is friends with a player, Dominic Shultz, on the University of Minnesota football team and on his Twitter he posted this. Once in a while you can get shone the light. In related news, Brent Yarina advises, our readers are very passionate about this new logo that will be on all Big Ten basketball courts. Is this something Nike is pushing to change or will they keep the inverted look for some players and adjusting for players who have their sleeves that go down the arm more?

Looks like Wisconsin is upping the ante. This year in particular was a little different, because the uniforms for this year usually a fancy muscle shirt and some shorts [best shot I could find. Except for the fact that they all featured ridiculous Volt trim on the numbers, I enjoyed these uniforms.

And that will do it for this week. But it is never, ever appropriate to wrap oneself in the flag like a cape, not even if you just won a gold medal. Different Andy, again.

Views from Elysian Fields: What if I take my problem to the United Nations?

Just utterly bizarre. Guy I know has a blank one for sale, I just barely keep talking myself out of buying it. Maybe the letter writers should actually see a soccer game before spouting out nonsense. The MLS is probably the 3rd or 4th most popular soccer league in the US and the stands are seemingly always packed. Seattle out draws the Mariners by a lot. Besides, a lot of the letters point out the very important fact that soccer runs largely commercial free and cannot be compared to a sport that has frequent commercial breaks. No, Ryan.

The Stanley Cup Finals games are always shown on the network and not the cable outlet. All of the finals games were and will continue to be on NBC. Every single year. Yeah, I remember now. And the weekend games are on NBC. Something stupid like that. At least some of them are on cable. In recent years but not this year I think games 1 and 2 were on the cable channel, and games 3 thru 7 were on regular TV.

Baseball games would be even faster, and imagine getting an NFL game in well under 2 hours! The clock stopping on possession changes and incomplete passes adds a lot more time to the game than you might think. I remember seeing ads for games in 30 Minutes, in which they showed you every play in 30 Minutes. As in there is enough down time between plays that you could cut out all the filler and show the gameplay in its entirety.

Bottom line you can get every second of actual play in under 40 minutes easily. This is a practice that can really only be replicated in Hockey and ti is for the most part. Just look at how this relatively small Kroger ad messes with this uniform. And the difference here is the fact that the Gladiators are largely sponsored by Kroger, Minor League teams are like that, they need sponsors to survive, they have tons of promotions every game, and then have even bigger promotions to get more fans to come to see them during certain times throughout the season.

Those marginal fans will most definitely be turned off by this move, and for what?


So a team can afford an additional off-the-bench guy. Not worth it. Um, yes. My entry most certainly put soccer in a good light. It was on here yesterday or the day before. I love soccer, but it is nonetheless true that soccer in the United States is a minor spectator sport. To say so is not to disparage soccer, but to state plain fact. In the United States, selling ads on uniforms is something that minor sports like soccer do and major sports like the NFL do not. So for the NBA to argue the necessity of selling uniform ads is to admit that the NBA is in reality a minor sport like soccer.

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Comparing attendance between the Mariners and some soccer team is pretty meaningless. I think a better comparison of the relative popularity of each would be their revenue streams. Soccer is great. Mostly my intention was to point out the lack of regular commercials, but thought it also relevant to point out that the NBA is in a stronger financial position in North America.

Do you even know who the guy in the photo is? And who the hell cares? I can understand outrage over some placement of logos etc. You mean the guys that follow celebrities around with cameras with little regard for the people they try to capture? Anyone know what conference Missouri State plays in? Good gravy that is a big patch. Combined with the oversized adidas logo and Missouri on the chest, it is a mess. I think conference logos would look better on the sleeve or shoulder, where ever the tv number is not.

Or, you know, not have it at all. And that goes for all conferences. Although the SEC on the point of the collar is at least not obnoxious. Kind of hard to tell for certain by the pics, but how convenient for adidas that there are 3 claw marks? Evidently that changed within the past couple of years they wore Nike through , but the baseball team still rocks the crappy font:. Re: Mr. Look at the 2nd Green Bay one, with the green jerseys…. Anyone else notice the giant D-bag in the background using his iPad as a camera?

Probably not as bad when ya just aim, click, and get back to using it as normal. Oh, the irony. Get a grip Hoosier fans.

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You finished 5th in the league this spring. IU basketball is the pre season 1 this year and are one of two teams to beat the current national champs last season. Preseason rankings. About as impressive as that display case in assembly celebrating the 5th place finish! Lighten up.


Then get a grip. Indiana is not above the rest of the conference. Dog me all you want, but inside you realize just how insignificant your favorite athletic department has become in relation to the rest of the schools that, you know, operate in the black. Deadspin has the story and pics!

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A guy I play ball with was a pretty good water polo player. He represented Canada twice in junior tournaments before he quit. I asked him about how common this stuff is.