Chopin Valse Op64-1 for Piano Solo (Japanese Edition)

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Ka Ling Colleen Lee. Marked Vivo, the piece has an improvisatory quality as the material unfolds in a series of eight-measure phrases. Throughout the composition, the left hand creates a firm harmonic foundation and an energetic accompaniment while enhancing the lyrical aspects of the piece.

Although Chopin is not known to have had a specific narrative in mind, the music unfolds as if an adventurous tale were being recounted by a storyteller. The opening Largo, played in octaves, is marked pesante heavy and establishes an oppressive, ominous atmosphere. After the brief introduction, a Moderato section assigns a gentle accompanying figure to the left hand under a flowing, lyrical passage in the right hand.

Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek [or Frйdйric Franзois]

The sections that follow present a wide variety of moods and accompanying patterns, dynamic indications ranging from extremely soft to as loud as possible, and pitches that extend over the entire keyboard. The final section of this virtuoso piece creates a mood of passionate fury. Throughout the piece, the left hand provides a steady rhythmic pattern and subtle yet significant modifications of harmony. The polonaise was a Polish national dance in triple meter with characteristic rhythmic patterns. The dance, of stately and festive spirit, developed from courtly processions and ceremonies during the sixteenth century.

In the nineteenth century, the polonaise became a symbol of Polish nationalism, heroism and chivalry. This recording is for solo piano; with the slight modifications suggested by Chopin, the same piece can be performed by solo pianist with orchestra. The work begins with a quiet introductory section, Andante Spianato. A sixteen-measure transition introduces the energetic and flamboyant Grande Polonaise Brillante. Mazurka, in C Major, Op. Like the polonaise, the mazurka was a Polish national dance in triple meter. He appeals to everyone. Chopin has accompanied Lang Lang throughout his career.

One of the first pieces he learnt was the Grande Valse brillante in E-flat major op. But they're not just studies, not just normal exercises - not just for your fingers - they help you develop how your mind works, and how you control the different layers of your emotional response. Included with the Deluxe Limited Edition is a bonus DVD on which Lang Lang talks about the various musical milestones in his life and explains how Chopin has been a close companion.