Dark String Theory

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The winning prediction from Horgan was:. By , no one will have won a Nobel Prize for work on superstring theory, membrane theory, or some other unified theory describing all the forces of nature. By there will be a Nobel Prize for a string- or unification- or supersymmetry-based theory or explanation or experimental discovery. For my own comments at the time, see here this was a couple years before this blog was started.

In a better world, the LHC would have found not a vanilla Higgs, but something unexpected that gave us a new idea about electroweak unification, one that pointed to a successful new idea about a fully unified theory. What shocks me about where we are now that Kaku and Kane have lost their bets is not that they lost, which was to be expected, but that this loss seems to have had zero effect on their behavior. For Kaku, one can get some idea of his current point of view from this interview :. Yahoo News: So tell us about your work in string field theory.

Michio Kaku: We think we have it! But we physicists are optimistic. We think we will be able to test the theory. And we think it is the final theory. So physics ends at that point. Another era opens up, but one era ends when we finally prove this is the Theory of Everything…. If string theory is correct, it means that all the subatomic particles — the electrons, the protons — are nothing but musical notes on a tiny vibrating rubber band.

So that physics is nothing but the harmonies of the vibrating rubber bands. Chemistry is nothing but the melodies you can create from the vibrating strings. The universe is a symphony of strings.

String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought

Update : Horgan has posted his own take on this here. Last Updated on October 8, Update : Wired describes job opportunities for physicists and astrophysicists in the fashion industry. While starting to write more here about the film based on some notes I took while watching it, I noticed that Matin Durrani last year at Physics World wrote an excellent detailed review of the film , and I recommend you consult that for more details.

Among those interviewed are Chris Isham and Michael Duff, who have interesting comments on what it was like to work with him.

Dark Energy in Question

Update: For another detailed review of the film, see here. Last Updated on October 15, Reviews Errata.

Is dark energy even allowed in string theory?

Not Even Wrong. Skip to content. Home Frequently Asked Questions. Hewett describes the general consensus on current problems with theory funding as Universal concern on ever decreasing levels of funding for university groups: concern that university programs are dying. Posted in Uncategorized 6 Comments.

The Issue of Dark Energy in String Theory

The review describes some of the works as follows: Another room is given over to panoramic blasts of brown and black that map sweeping vistas of desolate fields. The gallery website explains: White Cube is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Anselm Kiefer.

The Guardian review continues: The main gallery at White Cube Bermondsey is already pretty bleak in its featureless emptiness. Posted in Uncategorized 4 Comments. Posted in Book Reviews 13 Comments.

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Various Links Posted on November 12, by woit. For videos of three talks about supergravity, see here.

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Listening to the talks, I think an even worse idea is telling the public that this is a great example of why they should trust science. Most of the programs the KITP has run for teachers see here have been devoted to explaining important, solid science. Again, when the credibility of science is under attack, why go to the public or, in this case high school teachers to promote a highly speculative research program? He and the authors of the more than four hundred comments debate at length a red-herring issue. Alexander writes: My understanding of the multiverse debate is that it works the same way [as respectable paleontology].

I was interested to see that he has a lot to say about the Lorentzian vs. Euclidean signature issue, something often ignored. Posted in Uncategorized 21 Comments.

Dark matter, the String Theory and some Evolution

Many experts disagree with this conjecture. In particular it would imply that the well-known supposed metastable string vacua of KKLT are inconsistent, and that is a matter of controversy. This conjecture is not the sort of thing that can be proved one way or another, since it is not about something well-defined. You can make various conjectures about the behavior of this unknown theory, but then your swampland conjecture is a conjecture about a conjecture. In his conclusion, Vafa writes: In the next 5—10 years, we may know, for example, whether dark energy is constant or not.

A good explanation of what is going on is provided by this stolen from Will Kinney , who also has a lot to say about the whole swampland business : Cosmic Triangles Open a Window to the Origin of Time This is a different sort of hype, with no direct relation to string theory. As the authors of the article explain: In this paper, we have worked under the lamppost of weakly broken conformal symmetry.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/cattaraugus/dating-management-software.php They should however note what he has to say about string theory itself: A more sensible attitude, which I share, is to accept that string theory defines some models of quantum gravity, but obviously not the one that corresponds to the real world. John Tate Posted on October 20, by woit. Posted in Obituaries 1 Comment. Foundations Posted on October 11, by woit. Some links related to the foundations of math and physics: Kevin Hartnett at Quanta has a long article on Jacob Lurie and his work on infinity categories. A video of the discussion is available here.

In the new November issue of the AMS Notices John Baez has a review of a recent collection of articles about the foundations of mathematics and physics. The book, Foundations of Mathematics and Physics One Century After Hilbert , contains contributions about both math and physics, although in his review Baez concentrates on issues related to physics.

The winning prediction from Horgan was: By , no one will have won a Nobel Prize for work on superstring theory, membrane theory, or some other unified theory describing all the forces of nature. For Kaku, one can get some idea of his current point of view from this interview : Yahoo News: So tell us about your work in string field theory. This simulation indicates a direction to start looking for such tell-tale signs, at least. Another possible dark matter candidate comes from the various brane world scenarios. Perhaps where we have galaxies, there are gravitational objects that extend into other branes.

The accelerating universe

Finally, the 4-dimensional string theories present yet another possibility, because they require not only supersymmetry but a vast number of families of particles beyond the electron, muon, and tau families in our current Standard Model. Bringing string theory down to four dimensions seems to greatly expand the number of particles that physicists would expect to find in the universe, and if they exist these could account for dark matter.

String Theory Looks at Dark Matter. Key Events in String Theory History Although string theory is a young science, it has had many notable achievements. Often, string theory has been accused of merely providing abstract mathematical results and making too few predictions that can actually be verified in an experiment. Now, however, the string theory community all around the world is discussing a question that is closely related to cosmic experiments measuring the expansion of the universe.

In , the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the discovery that the universe is not only constantly growing larger, but that this expansion is actually accelerating. This phenomenon can only be explained by assuming an additional, previously unknown dark energy. This idea originally came from Albert Einstein, who added it as a "cosmological constant" to his theory of general relativity.