How to become Master of SEO

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Here is a wonderful curated list of SEO resources to start with.

Udemy offers a free SEO training course by Moz, which covers the basics. More advanced users can find paid courses to help learn about specific strategies and analysis. Because SEO is an ever changing medium, it is important to stay up to date with all the latest news or changes. The SERP is usually used to show keyword results, but can also include image, advertisement, and video results. Rank checkers exist to show you which parts of your website can be improved. Rank checkers analyze everything from SEO to meta descriptions to keywords to page links and beyond. This video provides a background on Google search.

Be sure to also read through their guide to creating valuable content.

This Wikipedia article gives a good background. Then check out this 10 chapter guide written by the folks over at Moz. This document was written by Google in Try reading this article first to get a good start on your SEO knowledge. If so, read this short article which lists 5 things you can do right now to get you pointed in the right direction.

This document is given to search quality evaluators to help them understand how to rate the search results they are testing.

7 Definitive Resources to Becoming an SEO Master

Google Webmaster Tools — Before you look at any other tool, check out this suite of tools provided by Google. For help using Webmaster Tools, check out this page. Also check out Bing Webmaster Tools. This tool allows you to see who links to your site, find links that point to old and broken pages, and research competitors to see who links to them. To check out the toolbar and view the product demo, check out this page.

Note: this is a limited free tool. You can pay for enhanced access. Check it out here. Find them and squash them with this free tool. Shows the number of searches for a specific keyword and gives suggestions. Majestic SEO — A good tool for viewing backlinks to your website. Also check out Link Diagnosis. Spider View Simulator — View your website the way a spider would. This will give your site a different perspective and may help you find and fix errors.

Also check out their other tools.

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Find them with this free tool. View the webpage to see a list of all the features. Part of that involves anchor text. This tool highlights where you may be at risk for anchor text over optimization. Test Page Speed — Your website speed affects your page ranking , so you want to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible.

How I began

Google Trends — Shows volume of searches over time. These websites then become assets which can be flipped for six figures plus. The income figures you see in the image are from lifetime earnings from an 18 month old site. That site was flipped for high six figures.

Not bad for a few hours work a week eh? I moved into the training market shortly after leaving to show people how to make money online via affiliate marketing. My last flurry into training was to create my own digital marketing training course, brought up to date for what works today. This course was a huge success, but was only available for a very limited amount of people due to my hands-on nature with my students.

More recently I have been consulting, speaking and training my 1 to 1 Clients into dominating the worlds toughest digital landscapes. Working with Maestro we make websites into multi-million pound businesses adn train others to do it too. At Master Level SEO, our training will give you everything that you need in order to rank and profit from even the toughest digital markets in the world. Due to our backgrounds we are secretive by nature. We have kept these methods quiet for good reason.

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Not only do we use these methods ourselves but they are designed to dominate even the toughest of digital markets. Our success comes from testing, more testing and then a little bit more testing. We have literally spent tens on thousands of pounds in the last year testing, disproving some methods, proving others and most importantly developing a system that not only works Our costs for doing so have been just a small percentage of one months income.

Anyone working in digital marketing will know all about the major updates that Google make.

Free Tools

Most noteably Panda and Penguin. Lower quality marketers quake in their boots at the slightest hint of an algorithm update. Our system developed from many years and thousands of pounds spent on testing keeps you clean. We can both say that we have never had a money site penalised by Google.

You keep things top end and tight you will never have a problem. All of this talk of content marketing being the only way to rank is nonsense. Good quality content is absolutely essential, but even the most professionally written piece that has been perfectly optimised will do little to help you in competitve industries.

What many digital marketers fail to take into account is that every online landscape is different. What might be a clear path to success for one market could well get you nowhere in the next. But for competitive landscapes that simply doesn't cut it. Content and UX might work fine in less competitive markets, but when you face solid competition it will get you nowhere. Links are still today the most important factor in ranking a website. However, to win in power markets it is quality and quantity. Not one or the other. When it comes to dominating in a power market you have to consider everything.

Not just content, links, UX or even the compeititon. You need to learn how to grade your complete market landscape and work out exactly what it is going to take to be the best. This practical handbook is based on real-world success stories. It has been proven over and over again in the most demanding markets. Get it to work for your business. I have been working with the Maestro for many years in NY.

I saw him dealing with a percentage of the world's most gifted digital hoodlums and at the same time, changing over their encounters into business learning. We turned around numerous products together. It's astounding to ponder that he is just about to share all this information on the net. In the event that you are even a bit candid about profiting on the web, he is your man. With more than 20 years of involvement in one of the UK most competitive niche markets, Ofer Akerman is the most capable organic client acquisition strategist I have encountered.

I have been working with the Maestro to help a portion of the greatest clients in Germany to acquire customers online, build solid brands and enhance competitive edge. Some of our clients were banks, government agencies and across the country retailers.

Additionally, it will be dependably a charming gesture to share with him a glass of wine and some cheese. The SEO Masters course was a distinct advantage for my own vocation. I needed a professional online presence to highlight being an expert in my field. Maestro, composing a testimonial for a gentleman like you requires for the most extent a confidentiality agreement and high security clearance.

How To Teach Yourself SEO

So I will just say that it was an honor to work with you on national and international level of cyber security cases. The power you give people with this course has the potential to become a real life changer. Ah, all the Zins of the Past. When you're back to DC, the Zinfandel is on me. Thank you. He has mastered the art of taking ideas into online profitability. I am certain many of our companies are still enjoying his made-for-business SEO methods.

Hola Maestro de tango vino y carne.