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Here are some examples:. A parenting plan should spell out essential information and instructions. Legislation and case law are evolving in this area as more family lawyers deal with a burgeoning number of cases involving children with special needs. Typically with developing children, child support and custody end at age of majority or when they graduate from college. Divorcing parents of children with special needs who have severe impairments face the reality of life- long care- giving and, perhaps, co-parenting.

It is critical to address these issues during the divorce process. Since caring for your child with special needs may extend well beyond age of majority, you need to tailor your divorce agreement for the long-term. Use appropriate special needs trusts, in coordination with public benefits and in contemplation of gifting plans and long-term care insurance. Effectively channel support obligations and parenting plans in the divorce settlement to provide for more quality of life expenditures for the child. Make the system work better for you and your family by taking a practical look at what special needs exist and how they are appropriately addressed in the arena of divorce.

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  8. Lili A. I am a single mother of a wonderful autistic son. His Dad and I had been married 17 years when he up and left us destitute. He left his job and moved to Mississippi with his girlfriend. Took all our retirement, pension, K. Have looked and looked for someone to help me and my son for 2 years Please somebody have it in their heart to help.

    Plzs Lisa their is something called ihss inhome support protective supervision and also social security for disability if you can get both you will b ok.

    Ky. Supreme Court Aims To Streamline Family Law

    Lisa, with weekends free, and you say you really need money and a job, why are you not working weekends? Do you really need or want to work? Not sure how your reply is relevant to the discussion.

    I have a teenage autistic child and I have a masters degree and work when he is in school, but working weekends without proper and adequate supervision is required when you have a child with autism who cannot be left alone. Your response has nothing to do with her question, not to mention it is ignorant of the real-life situation of single parents with these children.

    I would suggest the mother look into SSI disability, as well as check into Home Health Aide coverage for special needs if her insurance pays for it, and the only one that ususally does is medical assistance. Respite care also available, but again, must be set up via MA. That will help get the child these supports. Dear Lisa, I would be pleased to talk with you and explore your options.

    Please email me lili divorcematters.

    Notice for Termination With Cause

    Thank you! My autistic son is aging out of school next year, his father will not even talk to me. How do I extend, and increase alimony, or get him to spend time with him so I can work, I need money and a break, he will be with me for a long time. I am now 60, need to make money. I need fathers help. I have a lawyer, but need the way to do this. Many thanks. We have twin boys, One is Autistic. I spent a small fortune to get custody of both boys and the court split them up.

    I do have custody of the other child,and the Autistic Son is at my house every weekend,because during the week I work and pay her Also we went to court and the Judge thought everything was good and that she was advocating for herself not our son. Been through the same BS with the courts with my severely disabled daughter.

    There is no shortage of bias sexist male hating women like yourself who automatically call men jerks without fully understanding the situation. Read what this man has written before you chime in with your ignorant comment. This is classic manipulation of facts. Sadly, the courts are often blind to this type of manipulation and never hold people like him accountable.

    So why dont you switch and take the autistic child for awhile. I see you as a jerk who cheated and ran off on your wife and left the burden to her while you took the easy way out… Typical asshole in my opinion.. Trade places with her.. And live on dollars a week.

    Records of District Courts of the United States

    I know this scenario all to well. What a Jerk… My daughter is down syndrome with mobility and verbal challenges and her father left us for his first wife of 3 year s and adopted her two kids. Regrettably the only way to extend, increase, or challenge parenting plans or support is to seek to enforce legally your divorce agreement or to seek modification of your agreement. The terms and amount of support are set forth legally in your divorce agreement.

    Legal Ethics

    Grounds for changing these must be legally executed and based on specific criteria. A change in your financial circumstances is sufficient to re-examine criteria for possible modification. If your ex-spouse refuses to deal with any of your issues or those of your son, it is best to hire a legal advocate. I am a soon to be divorced father with twin boys. One is special needs with autism and cerebral palsy. I have always been the main caregiver as far as his doctors, therapy, school, etc.

    Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court - Legal Books - Nolo

    I know I can get first right of refusal. But are there any legal pathways I can pursue to make sure that he is with me and not a sitter when his mother has them and is not present. She tends to never go anywhere with them and I am always taking them everywhere with me. Their grandmother is wonderful but is 70 and its too much on her. Please help. My Fiance is going through such a similar issue with his severely disabled son who has CP.

    She is only interested in her son for the law-suit money she collects monthly. I just feel it would be nice if good Fathers like you could have a connecting point for emotional support. Would it be okay if you two connected?

    Welcome to 'CE Corner'

    I just found this, and am so grateful that I did! Thanks, Special Needs Alliance! And also, if anyone reading this can help my Fiance and his son, please, we welcome your wisdom. You should go to court and get conservatorship. It will not give you full custody, but it will help when it comes to having control over the enormous issues and services you need for your son. I live in Florida so my comments pertain to our laws ect.

    You do not need an attorney if you cannot afford it. No one is going to work harder than you! Good luck. I am seeking full custody of my son with special needs. The father is unstable, but may cause issues out of embarrassment he has already. Also, if the father one day realizes that he wants to reconsider the custody, is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

    Is there special verbiage that I can use in the agreement to protect my son?

    If You Have a Concern, Consult with a Special Needs Lawyer in Your State.

    I am not seeking any child support as all of us other kids too just want him out of our lives without any strings attached. I have two autistic twins 19 yrs. Their dad walked out of their lifes. Graduation nothin. He want help he blocked our numbers. Idk what to do. Hit bottom. I currently have custody of my son who is high functioning autistic. His mother walked out on us twice. We divorced almost a year ago. Now after a year of me trying to get her to co-parent and her fighting me all the way she has a need to show face to her family and new man.