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The Truth About Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin’s Love Story

She hopes this is just the beginning for more perceptive portrayals of friendship on film. Cinema, it seems, is starting to agree. Love film? Culture Menu. By Clare Thorp 30 July Share on Facebook.

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Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction | Penguin Random House

Share on WhatsApp. Share by Email. Share on StumbleUpon. The script was reshaped into a screenplay by writers and brothers Julius and Philip Epstein and their friend Howard Koch. When she walks back into his life suddenly, now married and with her husband in tow, Rick is forced to come face-to-face with well-aged heartache.

Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction

Fun fact: In a poll by the American Film Institute, the Casablanca line "Here's looking at you, kid" was ranked the fifth most memorable line in cinema history. Six other lines from the film also made their way into the top A romantic comedy by William Shakespeare first performed in , this play takes place in Athens, as Duke Theseus plans a large festival around his marriage. Against her father's wishes, she flees the nuptials for the woods.

And guess what? While there, they befriend fairies who cause a bit of mischief. Cue a new love triangle and surprise ending! This Russian novel by Boris Pasternak , published in and awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature the following year, tells the ageless classic story of a man torn between two women. Yuri Zhivago is a medical doctor and poet during the Russian Revolution.

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While married to aristocratic Tonya, he falls in love with nurse Lara. Set during a war time, Zhivago's love triangle falls prey to a twist of fate, and becomes a tale of protagonist versus an achy, breaking heart. Fun fact: The first screen adaptation was a made-for-TV series produced in Brazil in This Jane Austen classic was first published anonymously in , the credit appearing only as "by a lady.

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  3. Hansisches Gesellschaftsrecht (German Edition).

This love story focuses around the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne. When their father dies, they lose their family estate and are reduced to a life of poverty. The story follows the sisters as they move in with a distant relative, leading them to equal parts heartache and romance. But do not torture me so. The classic eighteenth-century novel first published in by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos is the ultimate dark tale of lust, greed, deception and romance.

Young Cecile, however, has the hots for her also young music tutor, Chevalier Danceny, while the Vicomte surprises himself by falling for married and virtuous Madame de Tourvel. Love affairs, deception and lies aplenty unfold. Romantic quote: "Now, I'm not going to deny that I was aware of your beauty. But the point is, this has nothing to do with your beauty. As I got to know you, I began to realise that beauty was the least of your qualities. Things are very different from the 18th century. Women can make their own money and choose their own husbands. In the end, Darcy overcomes his pride, and Elizabeth overcomes her prejudice.

They both surrender to their love for each other, despite societies expectations. They mean the movie. The book begins in the s and tells a story of Noah and Allie. They meet as teenagers and share a brief but passionate summer romance. He works as a labourer in a lumberyard. This results in them both going their own ways for 14 years, thinking the other one has forgotten them.

Hollywood’s new kind of love story

When they meet again after all this time, they realize they still have feelings for each other and Allie has a decision to make. Either she will follow her heart, take a risk and stay with Noah. Or she can stay with her fiance and live a life of comfort and privilege. The story is told by Noah as an old man and it expresses a romantic love that conquers all obstacles and lasts an entire lifetime.

There are different kinds of love that are often represented in literature and all make a great plot device. It can revolve around the love between family members, friends, love for animals, things, ideas and ideals. But no theme is quite as common as the romantic love. And it seems that no matter the time, cultural setting and the outcome, all the greatest love stories I looked at today have one thing in common:. It seems that the answer to my question about what makes a great love story is the stakes. The bigger the sacrifice a hero has to make for love, the more intense and ultimately, romantic the romance is.

In these most popular love stories, the protagonists have to choose love over their family, money and status, everything they thought they wanted and even being alive.

In my book, the greatest love is the kind that makes the hero change, see the world differently and become better for it.