Intent: An Urban Suspense Story

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This makes sense considering as a whole, and its unrelenting onslaught of war threats, diminishing resources, maddening tweets, and general global panic. For Kathy, that chaos is inescapable despite leaving New York, lying poolside, and getting married and reminiscing about infidelity. It exists in her mind, and therefore on the page, in a novel that is equal parts brilliant and bewildering.

Kiese Laymon's memoir is a reckoning, pulling from his own experience growing up poor and black in Jackson, Mississippi, and tracking the most influential relationships, for better or worse, of his life: with his brilliant but struggling single mother, his loving grandma, his body and the ways he nurtures and punishes it, his education and creativity, and the white privilege that drives the world around him. Through this exploration — and with shrewd analysis, sharp wit, and great vulnerability — Laymon forces the reader to fully consider the effects of the nation's inability to reconcile its pride and ambition with its shameful history.

Thank god for the posthumous revival of Lucia Berlin — how sad it would be to have never experienced her distinctive, vibrant voice. In these 22 stories, we see more of her world through fiction reflective of her own life in Texas, Chile, and Mexico. Her characters are utterly captivating — the moneymaking kids, the retired ambassador, the musicians, the actors, the addicts — and her scenery envelops you. But it's the early stories, those that follow the meandering adventures of kids just trying to fill their days, that are most alive.

Desire and death intermingle underneath every poem in Sam Sax's Bury It. It is an elegy for queerness, which so much of the world seems intent on destroying, written with the spate of young gay suicides during the summer of in mind. The poems describe death by desire, specifically homosexual desire, but also desire for death — which is to say desire for pain or release. Sax writes both concepts so gently, with such heart and mastery and never veering into the maudlin, because ultimately the book is for those he's writing about: the queer folks who were taught early on that their desire was shameful, punishable.

Sax writing about this sexual desire — about queer bodies — is defiant and celebratory. Death haunts each page, but what better way to really understand the magic of being alive? Good and Mad is Rebecca Traister's ode to women's rage — an extensively researched history and analysis of its political power. And she proves, vigorously, why it's so important for women to own and harness their rage — how any successful revolution depends on it. The book looks inward and outward, both intimate and expansive — highlighting the shared frustrations and fears of fighting prejudice and systemic bias, while shouting what should be obvious: Mexican immigrants like any population are not a monolith.

Olivarez forces readers to reckon with the very human consequences of our nation's actions at the border and beyond, at a time when those actions have created a real humanitarian crisis. Olivarez's writing is vital in both senses of the word — full of life, and absolutely necessary. Does she dare to take the risk? Undercover agent Nick Connolly has met Kody before and knows she might very well blow his cover. Though determined to maintain his facade, he can't let Kody die. He won't. After putting her life on the line to protect classified intelligence, military psychologist Mia Kensington is on a cross-country road trip from hell with an intrusive save-the-day hero.

Uninterested in his white knight act, she'd rather take her chances without the ruggedly handsome, cold-blooded operative who boasts an alpha complex and too many guns. Colby Winters, an elite member of The Titan Group, has a single objective on his black ops mission: recover a document important to national security.

A routine mission Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She's the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.

The smoldering story

Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. It's been thirteen years since Lucy Sheridan was in Summer River. The last time she visited her aunt Sara there, as a teenager, she'd been sent home suddenly after being dragged out of a wild party - by the guy she had a crush on, just to make it more embarrassing. Interior decorator Suzanne Barron's new tenant is the most dangerously sexy man she's ever met. Within hours of meeting him, Suzanne has wild, no-holds barred sex with John, then panics at the depth of her passionate response to such a powerful and dangerous warrior.

Suzanne doesn't do sex like that. John is definitely someone she needs to avoid for her own peace of mind. But when killers come for her, Suzanne knows she can turn to only one man. Dear Listener: Lindsay Foxe is a successful model in New York - a woman who hides behind a new name to protect herself from a past of betrayal and treachery and a present that becomes fraught with danger. Lindsay is finally forced to face up to her past when she meets S.

Taylor, a tough ex-cop turned private investigator and computer troubleshooter. I really enjoyed this story that begins with a terrible betrayal of trust and leads to violence, intrigue, romance, and vindication. Teenager Lindsay Foxe has every reason to give up after horrific treatment by her brother-in-law and receiving no support from her society family. Yet, she finds the will to become a successful young lady. The story leaves the reader wondering who continues to attack Lindsay as an adult and why they will not leave her alone. Detective Taylor provides Lindsay with the support and love that she never received from her family.

Renee Raudman and Paul Costanzo provide excellent performances for each of the characters. What do Chelsea Lattimer and David Winter have in common?

STREE Teaser Breakdown + True Story - Urban Legend NALE BA True Story

Aside from both being single, attractive, and successful She's an outspoken, free-spirited romance novelist. He's a physician, with a blue-blood pedigree and all the proper seriousness of his profession. The Cove is a quaint little postcard town made up only of old folk who sell the World's Greatest Ice Cream - a secret recipe that brings lots of tourists into town. John, of Washington, D. He's got a murder to solve, and he believes she's the key. But is she really? Meet Elizabeth Carleton, a fascinating woman who is not only a famous concert pianist, but is also married to a wealthy international business tycoon, Timothy Carleton.

She is the envy of all until her perfect life falls apart literally in a heartbeat: Timothy Carleton is stabbed in the chest with an ice pick and Elizabeth is accused of his murder. Things rapidly go from bad to worse until a surprise witness appears to give her an airtight alibi. The jury finds her not guilty. When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization.

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But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt's daughter is terrorized, and Kate is kidnapped. Now it's personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

Alaska: The Alaska Triangle

Evie Blackwell loves her life as an Illinois state police detective She's very skilled at investigations and has steadily moved up through the ranks. She would like to find Mr. Right, but she has a hard time imagining how marriage could work, considering the demands of her job. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Don't Miss This! Don't Despair! Now is the Time. Here are the Tools. Who Am I? What Really Matters in Life? Yes to the Transformative Power of Love!!! Join weboflove. Educational Articles. While the above inspiring stories support and nourish the soul, an important part of unconditional love is the willingness to look at the darker aspects of ourselves and the world.

By working towards acceptance and understanding of these shadow sides, we open to deep, positive transformation of these difficult places in our lives and world. The verifiable information presented below reveals some major cover-ups. Some articles may at first disturb you. They may even change the way you look at the world. Yet we invite you to see this as a meaningful opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation through love. Through uniting in our intention to recognize and connect with the place in every heart that wants only to love and be loved, even in the face of great darkness, we can help all around us to experience more of the love that we all want to share.

That said, we invite you to take in only as much of this information as you feel is best for you.

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On Medium. So are conflict, voice, gesture, and facial expression. The tales of how clever we were, how wise, how we won, mostly fail. The practised jokes and witty one-liners crash and burn. Honesty matters. Vulnerability matters. Having a place where the story starts and a place it's going is also important.

That was not my mother's name' The Guardian, Tips on oral storytelling, from a couple of masters. For example, "Professional oral storytellers don't memorize their stories, says Ellouise Schoettler. You want to remember 'beats' and actions. She quoted Donald Davis as telling people to think of stories as crossing a creek -- you need to get six stones across the creek.

You need to know what's supposed to happen -- what series of actions occur. You don't need to remember all the words.

Ninth and Nowhere

A difficult story can powerfully alter not only he who tells it but also they who hear it. From experience to story to prose. When we talk about language arts in our school, we focus on reading and writing instead of nourishing the whole oral and kinesthetic package that is our spoken language. He argues that talking and writing need not be mutually exclusive in language development.