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Abraham plays an important part in each of these religions. He is seen as a holy prophet in Islam. Let us look at a brief history of this man and how his life is an example for us in our walk with Jesus. God created man in His image in order that man might represent Him here on earth. God began implementing this part of His plan of salvation by calling Abram, as he was known then, to leave his hometown of Ur and travel to a new land that God would show him Genesis ; Acts God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many people.

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However, Abraham was 99 years old and his childless wife was 90 Genesis ; , They were apparently past the normal age for having children; therefore, it would clearly be a miracle of God were they to have any. Nevertheless, Abraham trusted God and believed God could accomplish what He had promised.

45: Lesson 3 Part 1 Book 4 – Sodom and Gomorrah: Genesis 16-20

God had promised that Abraham would have children Genesis ; When this did not take place as quickly as Abraham thought it should, he became impatient with God and took matters into his own control. A son was born from this union; his name was Ishmael. Isaac was the name of the son that came from the union of Abraham and Sarah; it would be through Isaac that the nations would be blessed. Abraham is a man whose character looms large in the history of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Abraham and Sarah were very happy with their new son, Isaac; however, God had a test for Abraham.

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This would have been a tremendous shock to any parent; to be blessed by a long-awaited child, only to have God tell you to sacrifice that child. Nevertheless, the Bible does not say that Abraham hesitated for a moment. Abraham believed God would raise Isaac back to life if the sacrifice actually did take place Hebrews 11 However, God intervened by stopping Abraham from killing his son and by providing a sacrifice in the form of a ram caught in the nearby brush. It would not be out of line to see the act of God, in supplying a ram in place of Isaac, as a picture of God sending Jesus as a substitute sacrifice for you and me.

We are sinners and destined for eternal death. God Himself provided payment for our sins, so that we can be forgiven and enjoy eternal life if we will repent and follow Him. Genesis b, ; Acts ; Galatians Jesus is the fulfillment of this promise. The life of Abraham is often used by the writers of the Scripture as an example of how we should live as believers. Let us look at the biblical ideas of being saved by faith, not works, and the equally biblical idea of doing works as a natural result of the gratitude we experience from being forgiven. These are important concepts to understand if one wants to have a balanced walk with Jesus.

Galatians Take some time to read it closely. Ephesians Forgiveness salvation, eternal life is a gift from God; He initiated it and He brought it about by His own will and power.

The biblical account

We do nothing to gain salvation other than accept His gracious offer by faith in Jesus Christ. Romans ; Matthew ; Matthew ; John We are not saved by good works, but we are saved to do good works. Abraham is presented as an example of how our faith should result in our doing good things James The life of Abraham included both faith in God and works motivated by that faith. Our Christian walk should have both those elements also.

Much more could be written about Abraham, but space does not permit it here.

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Abraham was not a perfect man; however, the overall direction of his life was towards God. We will not always walk perfectly in our Christian life either, but we should remember that, just as God was with Abraham even when he struggled, God loves us and will gladly forgive us if we fail. The New Testament presents Abraham as a model of faithful life; a life that believes the truths of God and lives out those truths in day-to-day living. This is the kind of faith we should seek to duplicate; and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able. He was loyal to his master and insistent on seeing his responsibility through to the end.

After traveling about four hundred fifty miles to the city of Nahor, the servant bowed before God in prayer, requesting a set of stipulations in determining success. Some have compared this prayer to that of Gideon Judges 6ff. Gideon, on the one hand, had no reason to make any request of God. An angel of the Lord had told him that he was the one who would defeat the Midianites. Instead of acting in faith, Gideon responded improperly by proposing a series of tests for God to answer. Unlike Gideon, he did not ask for a miraculous sign from God. In his prayer he asked for an industrious, hardworking woman who was also hospitable and who embodied the traits of the godly woman described in Proverbs With this prayer, the servant placed himself in complete reliance on God, for only the sovereign God could steer events in such detailed fashion.

A young, beautiful girl offered him water. After he had finished drinking, she drew water for all the camels. This was no small chore.

Who Was Isaac in the Bible? Miracle Son of Abraham

Camels can drink twenty to thirty gallons of water—each! Ancient wells were large, deep holes in the earth with steps leading to a spring. That meant that Rebekah had to take between eighty to one hundred trips down and up the stairs to the spring to water the thirsty camels. After the chores were completed, the servant discovered that God had led him to the right family as the young girl was a relative of Abraham. Immediately, the servant bowed down and worshipped God.

Although they showed great hospitality to the servant of their distant relative and acknowledged that the matter was from God, the family was reluctant to send Rebekah off immediately. Her mother and brother asked that Rebekah remain with them a few days or months before she embark on such a lengthy journey. He also made special mention of the camels v. No doubt Laban was already planning ways to unburden the traveling servant of Abraham of his possessions.

Whatever plans he may have had, present or future Genesis 29, 30 to gain materially from that which rightfully was promised to Abraham, God used him to supply three wives to the offspring of the patriarch, thus moving the promises further to their completion.

Genesis: Chapters 12–25

Rebekah, on the other hand, saw the hand of God in the earlier events of the day. The blessing included the promise of many descendants, possession of cities, and dominion over enemies. Although she did not realize it, the future bride of Isaac was receiving the same blessing that God gave to Abraham after he had offered her future husband as a sacrifice to God Genesis How curious she must have been about her future husband, about the land to which she was traveling, about the customs, and so much more.

The arranged marriages that were the custom in the ancient near east illustrate a pattern of grace. In His grace, the sovereign God initiated our journey into the church by choosing to take a bride for His Son Ephesians Jesus speaks of those whom He saved as those whom the Father gave Him John — Isaac, the son, is said to represent Jesus Christ.

Isaac had submitted himself to be sacrificed by his father. Now, the ascended Christ waits for that glorious time when He and the bride are united forevermore Revelation —9. According to the early church fathers, the servant of Abraham represents the Holy Spirit. Even as the servant never spoke on his own behalf but always pointed to the father and son, so also the Holy Spirit draws the church to the Father through the Son. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts those within the church of their sin and misery, reveals that deliverance is available through Jesus Christ, and then calls them to live in gratitude to God for the salvation He has provided.

And finally, Rebekah represents the church as she trusts what she has learned concerning the son from the servant, trusting that his word is true, and that her voyage is safe as long as she follows his leading.