La verdad de la mentira (Criminal (roca)) (Spanish Edition)

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I created, or brought up. Christopher, a man's name. Critilius, a fictitious character in Gracian. Cual, el, la, los or las pron. Bs may fulfil, accomplish. Cupid, a fab- ulous deity. Czar, the Em- peror of Russia. Bar, part, given, granted; conj. I shall or will give. De, prep, of, in, from, at, with, to, off, by. Debajo, prep, under, below. I must, ought, owe.


Decaer, pari, decayed, fallen, low-spirited. Defensa, sf defence, shelter. Dejar, part, left; per- mitted ; s. I left, or relinquished. Dejenerando, F, Dejenerar, ger. Del, prep, and art. Delphi, a pagan temple, erected by Delphus, and dedicated to Apollo, his father. Delicadeza, sf delicacy, tenderness, effeminacy, perspicacity.


Delineado, part, delineated, pour- trayed, sketched, described. Demas, los, or las demas pron. Demas, prep, independently, be- sides. Denominacion, sf denomination, distinct appellation. Dentro, or dentro de, prep, in, with- in, inside of; far into.


Desarmar, part, dis- armed. Desarreglado, part, disordered, dis- composed, confounded. Desautorizado, part, unauthorized ; not respected. Descansar, ind impf 3s. Desconcertado-a, part, being con- fused, perplexed. Descripcion, sf description, de- lineation. Desenvolver, a part, forward, lively; unfolded Deseo, sm. Despreciar, part, despised, condemned.

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Despues, or despues de, prep, and ad. Destreza, sf dexterity, address, skill. Desventura, sf misfortune, calam- ity, misery.

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Detener, part, stopped, detained, arrested. Dicha, sf happiness, felicity, luck. Decir, part, said, being said. Dictar, part, dictated, ordered. James, a man's christian name. I or it, he or she may say. Dignar, part, deigned, been pleased. Diogenes, a cynic of antiquity. Discordia, sf discord, opposition. Disgustar, part, dis- gusted, offended, displeased.

Distante, prep, distant, remote. Divertir, pari, di- verted, amused. Divulgar, part, di- vulged, published. Don, a title of respect. Donna, a title given to a lady: Durar, part, lasted, continued.

Echado, part, thrown, cast, being- expelled from. I, it, he, or she demanded. Ed ad, sf age, time. Egloga, sf eclogue, a pastoral dia- logue. Eje, sm, axle-tree, axis, centre. Ejecutar, part, exe- cuted, accomplished, performed. Elevar, part, raised, exalted, elevated.

La Verdad de la Mentira

JElian, an ancient Greek writer. Embargar, part, ar- rested, sequestered, seized. Embeber, part im- bibed, drenched, enraptured. Embriaguez, sf drunkenness, in- toxication.

Em brute ce, se F. Empresa, sf undertaking, attempt. En, prep, in, at, on ; en cuanto a, a9 for. Encanto, or Encantamiento, sm. Encender, part, burnt, kindled, set on fire.

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  6. Encerrar, part, shut up, confined, secluded. Encontrar, ger meeting, finding. Enganado, part, deceived, cheated, mistaken, duped. Enigma, sf enigma, riddle. Enlazar, part tied, bound, united, connected. Enlutar, part, veiled, dressed in mourning. Enterar, part, in- formed, acquainted. Enterrado, part, buried, interred. Entretejer, part, in- twined, interwoven, intermixed. Here its an unforgettable and dangerous story full of assumptions, explosive secrets, betrayal, and a mans determination to expose the most painful of human truths, no matter how deeply theyre hidden. Convert currency.

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