Lifeblood: A Rachel Chavez Mystery #2 (Rachel Chavez Mysteries)

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Her eyebrows were still too level, chin too strong—her mother had called it stubborn. For the first time she wondered if her father was anti-Mexican. That would be tough. How could you be anti-part-of-yourself? But Madeleine had slipped away from both Marty and Rachel after being thrown from a horse. The horse accident was only part of it. Madeleine might have recovered from that.

She had long ago forgot why she wanted to go shopping or what she had bought. It seemed a lifetime ago but Rachel still could hardly bear to think of it. Neither she nor Marty were ever the same again. The nightmare of it all had sent them skidding down a slippery slope with nothing to break their fall. Madeleine had been the one who gave their little family stability. She found its dusty sides wedged between two black Cadillac fleet cars that had parked a bit over their lines.

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The rear plate on the van was Arizona. That might not mean anything. Newly transplanted California residents often waited as long as possible before paying the taxes and doing whatever it took to pass the emissions test and register and tag their cars. This particular van looked more like a panel truck than a passenger vehicle. Was it abandoned? That would be a pain in the butt. It happened a couple times a year, and Rachel was less than fond of dealing with cops.

And the ordeal did have a silver lining. It had brought her Hank, a water resources engineer at InterUrban. She tried the rear door of the van. Not surprising. The inside of the rear windows had been sloppily painted white. Turning sideways, she slid between the van and its neighbor. When that door proved locked, she moved to the front window. Now she could see brown plush front seats, worn and empty except for a couple of squashed beer cans and some crumpled balls of paper on the passenger side.

An abandoned vehicle? Maybe stolen and dumped after serving some shady purpose. Rachel was sliding back along the front fender when her eye caught on something behind the front seats. A metal grill of some sort. Was that a cage? With something inside? She pounded the window with her fist.

If someone had left a dog locked up here, she would personally hunt them down and turn them over to the authorities. Close Search for:. Amateur Sleuth.

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When the news reaches Copenhagen, veteran detective Niels Bentzon is assigned to find Denmark's 'good people' and warn them. But Bentzon is a man who is trained to see the worst in humanity, and one by one, candidates are crossed off his list.

Lifeblood: A Rachel Chavez Mystery #2

He's about to give up when a brilliant astrophysicist helps him find the pattern to the killings. There are two more to come. They will occur in Venice and Copenhagen. And the time is now.

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Victims Alex Delaware When acid-tongue Vita Berlin is murdered, psychologist Alex Delaware doubts the grisly act was one of revenge, despite the woman's many enemies. Milo Sturgis is skeptical, until another body turns up, dispatched identically but with no apparent connection to Vita.

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