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Doctor Who first look: Jodie Whittaker fizzes with energy as female Time Lord

Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. Using the Hand of Omega , the Time Lords could speed up the development of stars. TV : Remembrance of the Daleks One such star had been exploded but its development into a black hole had been frozen, trapped in a permanent state of decay and was kept either under the Panopticon as the Eye of Harmony to power the civilisation of the Time Lords, or in TARDISes to use as their power source.

Despite being one of the most powerful species in the universe, the Time Lords had little in the way of defences and their conventional warfare technology was lagging behind many other civilisations. This may be due in part to the transduction barrier , which covered the planet and which was almost completely impenetrable by outside forces or their general policy of non-interference. As such, when they were invaded by the Sontarans , they were unable to defend themselves with their regular stasers and the Fourth Doctor needed to use an ancient Time Lord weapon called the De-mat Gun.

This gun had no stun setting and a single shot from it would immediately force a regeneration in any Time Lord shot with it. However, as war approached , these shortcomings were remedied. During the War in Heaven , the weapons of the Time Lords were considered "legendary"; they had built defensive arrays the size of star systems and created armaments that took apart entire galaxies. They were used to destroy attacking ships. TV : The End of Time The operating system of the "galaxy eater" weapon the Moment was so advanced that it had a conscience.

TV : Human Nature.

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The Lord President Rassilon had a metallic glove which was capable of destroying a person by shooting out electricity and it reverted the Master Race to its human form. The Time Lords developed a chemical that could turn vertebrate blood into acid , but the Doctor successfully campaigned it to be banned. Rassilon also invented Gallifrey's genetic looms , the devices used to birth new Gallifreyans after the Pythia 's curse. Looms were no longer used after the Curse was lifted following President Romana's negotiations with the Sisterhood of Karn.

More info from Interference and Gallifrey should be added. Several accounts described the Time Lords as the name of the species, seemingly synonymous wih " Gallifreyan " TV : Smith and Jones , Utopia , Knock Knock , Pyramids of Mars , or, in a slightly differing version, as a distinct race of Gallifreyans.

The Book of the War synthesised these two perspectives by positing that the Great Houses were a meta- culture , having become something more than a biological species at the anchoring of the thread. The Time Lords were referred to by rank, as "Lords," by their sentient technology such as validium. Other sources suggested that the ability for a Time Lord to regenerate came from evolution caused by exposure to the Vortex through the Untempered Schism.

Many Gallifreyans were not Time Lords.

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The Fourth Doctor once claimed "not everyone on Gallifrey [was] a Time Lord — some [didn't] want to be — and those who [did had to] go through the Academy ". TV : Listen. The renegade Great House of Paradox often inducted members of the lesser species into their ranks, going so far as to actually incorporate them into the House's bloodline. During the War in Heaven , military Houses like House Xianthellipse experimented with hybridisation to create Newblood Houses better adapted for war.

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The Osirian Court was so powerful that it was almost a Great House. On Gallifrey, the prophecy of the Hybrid spoke of a being who was created from "two warrior races". Many, including the General and Davros , speculated that the Hybrid was supposed to have been crossed between the Daleks and the Time Lords, TV : Hell Bent , The Witch's Familiar and Davros briefly believed he had in fact fulfilled the prophecy in the form of Daleks invigorated by regeneration energy stolen from the Twelfth Doctor , though the regenerated Daleks never got the chance to fulfill the end of the prediction by standing in the ruins of Gallifrey, and they never displayed other Time Lord characteristics than their regeneration.

TV : The Witch's Familiar. AUDIO : I Went to a Marvellous Party In her River Song incarnation, she possessed an augmented lifespan that left her as over two hundred years old not long before her death without much aging from the time she had regenerated into this incarnation. However, it was unclear if this augmented lifespan was a result of her Time Lord DNA or if it was something that River had acquired over her lifetime by other means.

The Next Doctor realises he is not a Time Lord. - Doctor Who: The Next Doctor - BBC

A "generated anomaly", Jenny , the artificially created daughter of the Tenth Doctor , had two hearts , but was not considered a true Time Lord by the Tenth Doctor , who claimed that Jenny was merely an echo of himself and that being a Time Lord was "so much more" than that, though as he later admitted to Donna Noble , "when I look at [Jenny] now, I can see them.

The hole they left, all the pain that filled it. TV : The Doctor's Daughter. TV : Evolution of the Daleks. He was born from the Doctor's eleventh regeneration.

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After committing genocide against Davros ' new Daleks , he was left on an alternate Earth where he began a life with Rose Tyler. Donna Noble said that Davros giving Donna's synapses "that little extra spark, kicking them into life" by waking up the dormant regeneration energy in her head had made her "part human, part Time Lord. TV : Journey's End. As such, they relied on them instead of other methods of travel.

Depending on the chapter, the non-narrative source How To Be a Time Lord: Official Guide by Craig Donaghy seems to refer to Time Lords both as a species as well as something that a resident of the planet Gallifrey or anyone else can become after going through the Time Lord Academy. In the chapter "The Time Lords", the Time Lords are referred to as both "a hugely advanced and civili[s]ed species" as well as "the leaders of the planet Gallifrey". Conversely, the chapter "The Time Lord Academy" mentions that "[t]he Time Lord Academy [was] a school for training young Time Lords," that "[i]n order to become a Time Lord, one must successfully complete training at the Academy and swear to serve Gallifrey," and also that "[a]ll trainees at the Time Lord Academy must pass an exam to prove they have the knowledge and skills required to become a Time Lord.

At the end of the book, the Time Lord Pledge mentions that studying the book and learning its lessons means that the reader is "now ready to become a Time Lord", while the Doctor 's Certificate says that "[n]early anyone can be a Time Lord".

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You may be looking for the gamebook. Contents [ show ]. This section's awfully stubby. This section needs a cleanup. Only mentioned once on-screen in Doctor Who , but featured in many tie-in stories and an animated feature, Braxiatel was a remorseless Time Lord who obsessively collected special items across the universe, and even orchestrated wars and murders for personal gain.

Tie-in media has often strongly implied he was the Doctor's older brother, perhaps the same one mentioned in the episode "Smith and Jones" Sure, a couple of these characters apparently died. But the Master and the Doctor have made a habit of seemingly dying only to reappear, so any of these villains could show up again if Gallifrey returns. When Doctor Who began in , the Doctor was newly on his own, having recently turned his back on Time Lord society, forfeiting his birthright, and becoming one of several renegades.

As the Eighth once explained, "half of my lot are crazy and corrupt, and the other half, well, they're duller than you could possibly imagine. The more we saw of Gallifrey, the more viewers understood the Doctor's reasons for leaving his home and its rules. The High Council of Time Lords revised historical records to ensure they didn't look bad.

The black ops Time Lord organization known as the Celestial Intervention Agency CIA didn't mind interfering in history and breaking the "laws of time" to ensure nothing threatened Gallifrey's power. And nearly all of the Time Lords who were in charge of things had a low opinion of the Doctor, despite his heroic nature and popularity with the lower classes or perhaps because of that. After the Doctor had been a fugitive for the first six years of the program, he was finally captured and put on trial for all his interference, facing a sentence of execution.

All those battles, all those lives saved, and a Time Lord tribunal still thought it might be a good idea to wipe the hero from existence. The Doctor convinced them this was a bad idea, but was still forced to regenerate and live in exile on Earth for years as its protector sort of like community service. Even after his exile was lifted, the Doctor was obligated to do the occasional mission in exchange for his continued freedom.

He was put on trial twice more, each time as part of a scheme by corrupt Gallifreyan officials.

If the Time Lords do come back, they may still have their share of corrupt leaders. Even if they don't, they may not approve of how the Doctor, a barely tolerated renegade and convicted criminal, banished them to a pocket dimension and since then has let things get so bad that he's actually had to reboot the universe once or twice. Would they bother with another trial? Maybe they'd just decide to shoot him on sight. Paul McGann is his Doctor. Pages: 1 2. Allow us to Explain If you still haven't seen the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special "Day of the Doctor," then be warned that things are about to get really spoilery.

Seriously spoilery. These included: The Rani.