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Harry is uncertain if he is angrier at Ron for leaving, or at Dumbledore for failing to give him more information. Ron's words haunt him: " We thought you knew what you were doing. We thought Dumbledore had told you what to do. We thought you had a real plan! At night, Hermione brings out Phineas Nigellus' portrait.

Despite his threat never to visit it again but curious for information, he agrees to show up blindfolded every few days. Phineas only sporadically reveals information about Hogwarts, although Harry and Hermione learn about a low-level student mutiny. Snape has reinstated Dolores Umbridge 's decree prohibiting three or more students from gathering or any unofficial student societies, although Harry speculates that Ginny , Luna , and Neville have probably revived Dumbledore's Army. Harry briefly yearns for Hogwarts' comforts, only to remember he is "Undesirable Number One.

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The weather grows colder, and the two constantly move to new locations throughout the country. Christmas trees begin appearing in sitting room windows. She is unable to decipher it, but has determined it is something other than an eye icon or an ancient rune in the syllabary. Harry recognizes it as the same triangular symbol Xenophilius was wearing at the wedding. Krum had claimed it was Grindelwald's mark. Someone drawing a Dark mark in a children's book is puzzling to Hermione. Meanwhile, Harry, curious about his history, proposes going to Godric's Hollow ; surprisingly, Hermione agrees, believing Dumbledore may have hidden the Sword in Godric Gryffindor 's birthplace.


Both silently notice that Harry deliberately avoided referring to Muriel as Ron's aunt. A thought suddenly occurs to Hermione—maybe Dumbledore entrusted the Sword to Bathilda. Harry and Hermione immediately make plans to go to Godric's Hollow. Hermione first wants to practice Disapparating together under the Invisibility Cloak , plus a few other spells, but Harry only thinks about seeing his birthplace. It is another week before they depart for Godric's Hollow. Using some Muggle hairs that Hermione obtained for the Polyjuice Potion , they transform into a middle-aged couple.

A war memorial in the town square suddenly transforms into a statue of a man and a woman holding an infant. Astonished, Harry recognizes the two figures as his parents, and the baby as himself.

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While looking inside a church cemetery, they unexpectedly discover Kendra and Ariana Dumbledore 's graves; Harry again wonders why Dumbledore never shared their common roots. On the grave marker is the inscription: "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also," though Harry is uncertain what it means.

While searching for the Potters' graves, Hermione spots something. Carved on an old tombstone is the same symbol that was in the book and that Xenophilius wore.

The stone's letters are badly weathered, and only the first name, Ignotus, can be read. They continue hunting until Hermione calls out, "Harry, they're here. Below James and Lily's names is the inscription: The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. Confused, Harry thinks this sounds like a Death Eater concept, but Hermione says it means to defeat death by existing beyond it.

Its meaning provides little comfort to Harry, knowing his parents' moldering remains lie beneath the frozen ground. He sobs a bit, and Hermione takes his hand. Harry feels bad that he forgot to bring something for his parents, but Hermione, unasked, conjures a wreath of roses that Harry lays on the graves.

Tell Me No Lies

They quietly turn to leave the cemetery. Although Harry wanted to "go it alone" on this mission, he now sorely misses Ron's presence and realizes how much he relied on his help and friendship. This may be a crucial turning point for Harry in learning to trust others and accept their help. He currently only has Hermione for support, but this could place an ever greater burden on her. Ron's painful absence also shows a sharp contrast to Hermione's steadfast loyalty, and it is doubtful that Harry could have gotten as far as he has without her assistance.

In the past, he and Ron have tended to dismiss her contributions and abilities except when they needed specific information about something. Her careful planning and foresight has allowed the Trio to move relatively efficiently and comfortably throughout the country during their Horcrux search. Her diligent research methods and cool, logical mind will continue to be a useful resource to the mission. However, living by her wits and surviving day-to-day in a life-threatening situation have also greatly improved her practical skills and abilities, forcing her to also rely on intuition, speculation, and immediate action rather than always poring over books for definitive answers before taking action.

Her quick, sharp reflexes have repeatedly saved the Trio from disaster, as when she Disapparated them away from Bill and Fleur's wedding and Grimmauld Place , and may do so again in future chapters. Seeing Kendra and Ariana's tombstone disturbs Harry nearly as much as his own parents' graves. Both Lily and Zach find their goals nearly impossible to meet but still encourage each other to attempt them. Zach wants to be the "ass-busting lawyer", which means he would be the first black lawyer in the area. Lily attempts to tell August the truth but is interrupted by Zach, who takes her for a honey run.

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They stop at a store to pick up a few things. Zach gets arrested after one of his friends, who they had met at the store, throws a coke bottle at a white man and none of them will tell who did it. Zach and his friends are arrested and put in jail. The Boatwright house decides not to tell May in fear of an unbearable emotional episode.

The secret does not stay hidden for long and May becomes catatonic with depression. A vigil is held that lasts four days. In that time, Zach is freed from jail with no charges, and black cloth is draped over the beehives to symbolize the mourning. May's suicide letter is found and in it she says, "It's my time to die, and it's your time to live.

Don't mess it up. May is later buried. Life begins to turn back to normal after a time of grieving, bringing the Boatwright house back together. June, after several rejections, agrees to give her hand in marriage to Neil. Zach vows to Lily that they will be together someday and that they will both achieve their goals.

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Lily finally finds out the truth about her mother. August was her mother's nanny, and helped raise her. After her marriage to T. Ray began to sour, Deborah left and went to stay with the Boatwrights. She eventually decided to leave him permanently and returned to their house to collect Lily.

While Deborah was packing to leave, T. Ray returned home. Their ensuing argument turned into a physical fight during which Deborah got a gun. After a brief struggle, the gun fell to the floor, which Lily picked up and the gun accidentally discharged, killing Deborah. While Lily is coming to terms with this information, T.

Ray shows up at the pink house to take her back home. Lily refuses, and T.

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Ray flies into an enraged rampage. He has a violent flashback which brings him around. August steps in and offers to let Lily stay with her. Ray gives in and agrees. However, right before T.

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Ray leaves the Boatwright house, Lily asks him what really happened the day her mother died. Ray confirms that she did do it. According to a review in the New York Times, one of the themes in the book is "Lily's search for a mother".