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And why for heaven's sake do we have azalea trail marathons and Azalea Trail Maids and Azalea City businesses? And what is all this Azalea City fuss about? What is an azalea? Azaleas are to the Gulf Coast what cherry trees are to Washington, D. Except the azaleas are far more versatile and varied, and by any measure, more spectacular. The azaleas are a big family of flowering shrubs with an unusually rich range of flower colors and forms. Yes, so what does a Gulf Coast azalea look like?

Mobile's most famous azaleas -- the Southern Indians -- are unmistakable. The flowers are often as wide as your palm, and they come in intense mixtures of colors that are easy to spot but hard to describe -- purple burgundy, watermelon pink, bluish lavender, salmon red.

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These flowers literally cover huge evergreen shrubs that can eventually be as big as a Volkswagen bus. In the spring light, the effect of these big glowing blobs of color is otherworldly. Other types of azaleas -- including Alabama's wild honeysuckle azaleas -- grow into small, slender trees, and produce unusually elegant and very fragrant flowers even before the branches put on leaves in spring. Some azaleas, including the Japanese satsuki azaleas, are not much more than knee-high, and produce multi-colored flowers that look like they've been hand-painted by a watercolor artist.

I've never seen anything like that where I come from. Where did you find these azaleas? Southern Indian azaleas, Mobile's most famous, aren't native -- they came from China and Japan.

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They were imported here about years ago. Depending on the weather usually March and April, but with the warm days recently they could start a little earlier this year. March and April are the best!! It's an amazing place. Plan on a full day if possible. It's fun to sit and watch people but the best are the flowers and trees!!

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Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. When is the best time to see the azaleas in full See all questions. Chartreuse and pink hellebores are still in bloom along the Winterhazel Walk. This week in the garden, the highlight continues to be the March Bank.

The "yellow phase" has just begun to fade as the bright yellow flowers of the winter aconite and adonis give way to the beginning blossoms of the blue squills and glory-of-the snow.

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The crocus and daffodils can also be found at the Quarry Garden. There are also early miniature daffodils, lavender and white crocus, and yellow cornelian-cherry dogwoods in full bloom. At the Quarry Garden you can find yellow cornelian cherry dogwoods in bloom with yellow daffodils and blue glory-of-the-snow.

The East Terrace lawn of the museum is filled with blue glory-of-the-snow, and nearby are fragrant white winter honeysuckle and yellow winter jasmine. It's finally here! This bulb combination has seeded throughout the garden and is accented with the pale yellow of cornelian-cherry dogwoods, early forsythia, and daffodils. The pale yellow winter-hazels and the lavender and pink Korean rhododendrons are just breaking bud along with the lavender corydalis and the white and burgundy lenten rose.

With warm weather, the March Bank show will not last long, so be sure not to miss it! The garden is alive with color as we head into the month of April at Winterthur. Take a walk to the Quarry Garden to see yellow daffodils and corydalis and to Azalea Woods to see pale pink rhododendrons. The Pinetum Quince Walk is in bloom with shrubs in various shades and blooming nearby is the pale blue starflower.

Throughout Winterthur, you can enjoy yellow forsythia and pink flowering cherries, pink and white magnolias, and beautiful stands of daffodils just beginning to color the hillsides. The garden is filled with color this week. White and pink magnolias are in full bloom along with spireas, flowering quince, and flowering cherries. These colors can also be found in the Pinetum along with the pink blossoms of the royal azaleas. While in the Pinetum, don't miss the Quince Walk, which is lined with pink, salmon, white, and red varieties.

Throughout the garden there are thousands of daffodils in bloom along with such spring treasures as early flowering rhododendrons, corydalis, native pachysandra, and many others. Now is the time to come to Winterthur and enjoy the early spring bloom. White and pink magnolias and pink cherries are in full bloom along with native dogwoods and redbuds ready to pop.

Virginia bluebells, lavender and white Italian windflowers, yellow forsythia, and lavender rhododendrons can all be found blooming throughout the garden. At the March Bank, look for early spring wildflowers such as yellow bellwort, white spring beauty, and cutleaf toothwort. Azalea Woods is filled with white trilliums, mayapples, and yellow primroses.

Notice the deep pink crabapple at the edge of the Pinetum with a beautiful drift of pale blue starflower nearby.

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The Pinetum has flowering quince in shades of pink, red and white. Spring is a great time to come and enjoy the Winterthur Garden! The lavender of the beginning blossoms of the lilacs is combined with a sea of pinks and whites as spiraeas, rhododendrons, cherries, viburnums, and crabapples are all in full bloom.

At the Quarry Garden there are many bulbs still in bloom with the primroses just starting to flower. There are color and surprises to be found throughout the garden with redbuds, Virginia bluebells, and trilliums in full bloom, and the beloved dogwoods starting to come into flower. Spring is in full swing in the garden with the lavender redbuds and pink and white dogwoods in full bloom along with azaleas just beginning to flower.

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Also in bloom are Virginia bluebells, white and blue Italian windflower, yellow and white trilliums, blue Jacob's ladder, and lavender phlox. The azaleas will be at their peak of bloom in the next week or two, but there is a great deal to see all through the garden. These colors are set off by the lavender of phlox and Spanish bluebells in flower on the woodland floor. Azalea Woods should be at its peak for at least another week. In the Sundial Garden the theme remains white and lavender with snowball viburnums, lilacs, and the princess trees in bloom. The azaleas are still making a show in every part of Winterthur.

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Sycamore Hill is at its peak of bloom in June, when kousa dogwoods with their white star-like blossoms, pink spirea, white deutzias, and lavender lilacs all come into bloom. Primroses are still colorful at the Quarry Garden in shades of yellow, pink, and orange.

Throughout Winterthur, late azaleas and rhododendrons add their colors to the landscape. Arching sprays of deutzia and spirea are complemented by blue and white iris at Magnolia Bend. Be sure to take a stroll and enjoy the interesting textures of ferns, hostas, daylilies and other delights of the Winterthur woodlands.