The Secret: The Story of Brilliant, Beautiful, Handicapped Michael Jackson

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Wade claims he was just seven when he was first abused by Jacko, and says the singer kept an eerie full-sized replica of Peter Pan next to his bed and he was forced to bend over while being masturbated on from behind. Wade Robson in Leaving Neverland. Picture: Supplied Source:Supplied. That goes without saying. His children have to deal with this too. Peter Andre is back on stage. Michael Jackson waves to his supporters as he arrives for his child molestation trial at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court in This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished with permission.

To join the conversation, please Log in. Don't have an account? Sign up. Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. News Corp Australia Network March 9, pm. Janet Arvizo claimed that she had been held hostage at Neveralnd, but receipts proved that during the period of her alleged imprisonment, she had left the ranch and was enjoying shopping sprees and cozy beauty parlor treatments.

She also accused the JC Penny guards of sexually abusing her and reached a financial settlement in She admitted that the allegations were fabricated and absolutely false. Why would he feel the need to imprison the Arvizos for taking part in the tape when nothing inappropriate had occurred until then and they themselves were willing participants for it?

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It was also claimed that Michael Jackson intoxicated Gavin to be able to molest him and made him and his brother drink alcohol. Hence, Michael Jackson was not only exonerated of the allegations but also of the allegations as well and every accusation hurled against him were proven to be absolute lies. The prosecution failed miserably to prove their arguments. Till date, there exists no evidence that proves Michael Jackson harmed anyone, let alone a child.

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The Secret: The Story of Brilliant, Beautiful, Handicapped Michael Jackson

No accuser of his was devoid of an evident money driven agenda, with full support of the press and the mass media. The district attorney was fully aware of the sheer ridiculousness of the case but nevertheless, took it court just to humiliate Jackson in the most abominable way and to be successful in convicting him;that would have been the most defining achievement of his as a district attorney. The media made use of every tactic to convict Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion but had incurred a heavy loss as a result of the final verdict.

News channels had already started reporting about the cells and the treatment that would have been meted out to Jackson if faced with an conviction, the type of clothes he would have been made to wear in jail or the food they would offer him in prison. See, how they talk about keeping an eye on Jackson 24 x 7. What a sumptuous treat for the media it would have been to broadcast a daily segment of the footage straight away from jail! The dream of a billion dollar industry crumbled and came crashing down.

The media was more interested as to why Jackson arrived at court in pajamas, when he was summoned by the judge to appear for the hearing directly from the hospital after he had injured himself due to a sudden fall. Jackson had bruised his spine and coughed blood.

Such was the magnitude of the sufferings that he was made to go through. He went as low as to fabricate false fingerprint evidence of Gavin Arvizo on an adult magazine. It was him who allowed the boy to handle the magazine without making him wear gloves during the Grand Jury proceedings and later sent it for fingerprint analysis! Faux experts like Jim Clemente, who often uses his connection to the FBI as a card to verify his credibility but in reality possesses no factual knowledge about the case whatsoever.

When challenged with the fact that why the prosecution failed to introduce this bombshell evidence in court, his comeback was a lame response that all evidences cannot be presented before the jury. The whole course of the trial had taken a heavy toll on his physical and emotional health. He was fragile and broken.

Tragedy of the pop genius who never grew up

The vindication day is of more significance than ever before for our community, so as to give a befitting answer to the media and their concentrated efforts to rehearse the debunked allegations against Michael Jackson, in the wake of Leaving Neverland. He should have been the first one to investigate the allegations of the two subjects of his film, given that one of the prime accusers of Leaving Neverland is apparently responsible for obscuring justice to Gavin Arvizo and never bothered to reach out to him if Reed sternly believes in his claims. Advocates of social media label anyone who are knowledgeable regarding the absurdity of the cases as apologists or cultists.

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We refuse to jump on the MeToo bandwagon and follow the footsteps of advocates like Jim Clemente and Dan Reed- fabricating myths and rumours, putting on the lens of perversion and the lust of being relevant,exploiting the emotions of the gullible masses. Guess, these people are in dire need of an Oxford dictionary! It has been a topic of debate on television, online, and in homes.

There has been much information uncovered since the original airing of the film. This is a resource of collective information that goes in-depth into what people have been talking about all around the world. In the Documentary Wade claims, it was after his family left to the Grand Canyon that the sexual experiences began. He made mention that none of his family was there to be reached.


In the documentary, Wade paints a narrative that he spent hundreds of nights with Michael Jackson, which every time they were together, sexual acts would occur. She stated that MJ and Wade slept in the open living room where anyone could walk through any time. In the Documentary Wade tells a story of attempted anal penetration, followed with another, claiming Michael Jackson called him, asking him to come to the location Michael Jackson was rehearsing for his HIStory tour. Once Wade arrives, Michael Jackson asks Wade to go back home and throw it out his underwear.

Wade claims to go home, sees his blood in the underwear, and rids of it in a dumpster. If Michael was worried about soiled underwear being found, it would be counterintuitive for him to ask Wade to drive over to the rehearsal location leaving the underwear open for discovery in his home by his mother or sister just to drive back to throw it out.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Official Music Video)

The court asked Wade to release his emails, he claimed emails relating to the subject did not exist. On June 3, , he presented a single email that was sent to 30 individuals. The Estate challenged the idea that only a single email exists. July , Wade along with his new lawyers presented carefully selected pages of emails — with no explanation to why he originally claimed there was only a single email. After much analysis and pressure, Wade was obligated to present around pages of emails. In those emails, it was discovered that Wade Robson sent himself a link from a leading propaganda website that paints Michael Jackson as a pedophile.

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He asked if there was any truth to the story. None of that is true. Wade was ordered to present his journals to the court.

When questioned about the quotes, he said that he did not know what he meant by his words. The court ordered Wade to produce both drafts. Stories of his abuse were significantly different. Wade claimed that he was unaware of the administration of The Michael Jackson Estate prior to March 6, However, he was in contact with the administration about the Cirque De Soleil show through Rwaramba, if she could get approval to have his wedding at Neverland Ranch during the trial. Jackson was in the room with the Nanny, listening on speaker. Wade claims he is speaking out for victims, established a charity in Hawaii Where the laws around proving where donations come from are very lax , yet he has overlooked speaking about the charity within the multiple interviews after establishing the charity.

While telling the story he showed the jewelry he claimed to been given by Michael Jackson.

Music video director who worked with Michael Jackson believes abuse claims | Daily Mail Online

He stated that they would tell the jewelers that they were shopping for a woman. The jewelry he presented were male rings that could arguably fit his adult ring finger. When questioned in a legal proceeding about the diaries, he could not provide the document — nor any correspondence regarding it. One would have to wonder what would be the purpose.