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Whispers in the Mind

I thought it might be fun to start a discussion on each of the heroes' pasts, continuing with the Vestal. Too late! Living in the convent was not pleasant.

WHISPERS OF THE MIND Full Song - Mohenjo Daro - Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde - A R Rahman

The sisters were required to follow the dogma of the Light. One day she saw a paladin passing by the convent. Eventually however, the diary was discovered, and the Vestal did not go without punishment. This is not enough though, the Mother Superior receives a letter from an abbot pleading for assistance against an otherworldly threat in a far away estate.

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As part of her atonement and to rid the Mother of a troublesome sister , the Vestal is sent away to bring light to the darkest estate. Those are my thoughts on the Vestal. Tried to do something new with this one, tell me what you think, as well as your thoughts on the Vestal. As always, thank you for reading! Houndmaster's Past.

Jester's Past. Flagellant's Past.

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Hellion's Past. Plague Doctor's Past. Bounty Hunter's Past. No reason, could have been anyone. I wanted there to be connections between characters, so I tried to imply that the paladin was a certain kleptomaniac. Yeah I've seen the Crusader shipped with the Vestal more than a few times in fan content I was just curios if there was something in the game that encouraged it.

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