Your Startup Mentor: Practical advice about things you need to know before you startup

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The best place to start is within your own network — family and friends may present an incredible brains trust to tap for advice and further connections. Thankfully, the start-up scene across the country is burgeoning, creating better networking opportunities — and more chances to scout out different mentorship choices.

Currently, the top three local start-up communities which provide great exposure to different suitable contenders are:. Make sure to thank them for taking the time to chat to you, and enquire about their appetite for business mentorship. Remember that asking a total stranger to personally counsel and guide you requires getting them to believe in you and your vision. A little strategy, some networking, and lots of charisma and passion for what you do, go a long way in securing the best professional fit to help unlock your potential and that of your business.


Get the latest relevant news and tips on making your business a success delivered to your inbox weekly. Finding a business mentor. We all need help, especially when it comes to small business. But, how do you find and approach a possible business mentor? Read on for more. October 8, 3 minutes. Why do I need a mentor? Begin by answering the following questions: What are my key challenges right now, that an outside, expert perspective could help me to overcome?

Try to categorise these into either personal development challenges, or technical business issues. Do I need advice, or do I need physical help?

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What kind of business mentor do I need? Grow your Startup at Evoma. Call now: or inquiries evoma. In this post, you will learn about value-added business growth services for startups at Evoma, courtesy the kind support of mentors and their desire to give back to the startup community.

These are extremely successful startup founders at Evoma who want to mentor budding entrepreneurs, opening doors that can put your new business on the fast track. This is a list of seven things that Evoma and our startup mentors can do for entrepreneurs and new startups trying to commercialize an idea into a business.

You have an idea, and you want to see if you can make a business out of it. In order to take it there, you need money at every stage. Secondly, if an investor or lender or partner is willing to give you funding for it, that is in itself a good sign and ratification of the potential of your idea. We can connect you to successful entrepreneurs, investors, VC fund managers and others who can give you their candid views and advice. Secondly, we hold funding events at Evoma where you can meet government officials, investors and bankers.

From a business point of view, what do you need to do to launch your startup? A bank account to receive and send money. For that, what do you need to do?


Choose a name, decide the business structure, and register it. GST — do you need it? How to register?

What other licenses and permits do you need? What are the compliance requirements for eCommerce retailers selling stuff online on eBay or Amazon or Flipkart? What about software development, or a manufacturing unit, a biotech company, an export unit, a fintech startup, an aerospace or automotive supplier? Each of these sectors have their own registration and compliance requirements.

We have Partners who are one-stop service providers for accounting, tax, and secretarial compliance.

The Definitive Guide to Finding the Ideal Startup Mentor

They will tell you what to do, and get it done for you. Evoma has mentors who have registered businesses and done all the compliance, and can explain it to you — step-by-step. As a sound business practice, you should anyway have a business plan so that you can refer to them every quarter and see if your business is keeping track with the projected numbers. One of our financial services business partners above, such as Agilis, will be happy to develop a business plan for an Evoma startup.

By Laurie Stach

Gopinath Rao, Asst. His contact details are there in the image above, or you can simply contact MSME DI and ask to speak to someone who will help you with your business plan. You have an idea, and you want to turn it into a business.

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed - Bill Gross

How to apply for a patent or a trademark? What is the procedure and documents required, and the cost? Then you can meet and hand over all the documents to an Evoma Partner for IP services who will file your trademark or patent application.